As promised, I started a blog page. Somehow I had good skills at avoiding this idea, as i never liked the responsability that came with it. But the argument that from time to time I actually do or say something interesting & useful for the community… won. So let’s see how this goes…

Anyway, I’m not gonna post very often and most of the time I’ll write in English (learn english if you wanna be a gamedev). Topics will be focused on video games development, romanian gamedev community, but that doesn’t mean I won’t stray away from time to time :).

So cheers for being here, hope you have a good time and do share your thoughts whenever you feel the need to comment! Oh, if by some miracle you’ld be interested in reading my thoughts on a particular subject, let me know what topics are you interested in and i’ll do my best.

p.s.: still setting up things around the blog page…

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