The news already spread in the last weeks, but here I am shouting about it!

For the last 2 years I’ve been part of an amazing, small, but ballsy, video game studio, Mobility Games! Following a one year spell in Iasi, a time in which I fell in love with the people, the studio and city, I moved back to Bucharest on an exciting endeavor: to expand their business with a new development studio in our mighty capital, Bucharest. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as initially planned and in less time than a QTE (“quick time event” in games ), “Mobility Games Bucharest” had to be closed! The “Why?” is for another time and another story. In the mean time, I was the ship captain, so if anyone feels the need to point fingers, don’t be shy, I’m the last one leaving the boat.

All my love and respect to the girls and guys I’ve worked with in these last 2 years! Anytime, anywhere, I’m on board!

Currently i’m working on a new project! PR wise, the punchline could be “Bigger, Better, Bolder”. We shall see together. Details will be shared in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, planning on a blog page too. That should be fun:).

People do not fail in life because they aim too high and miss. They fail in life, because they aim too low and hit.” (Unknown)

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